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How to add Search Engine Optimization to a Webbly Site

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I have had many people ask that I cover How to add search engine optimization to a weebly website as weebly can be a good site when your first starting out, but adding the SEO to this can be overwhelming not to mention very time consuming. 
**Please note this tutorial is only for a Weebly website it will be designed for personalized explanation of using a Weebly platform. If you would like to suggest a tutorial please use the e-mail provided on the contact us page. Thank you**

Let us begin. weebly logo

First, you will want to be logged into your platform, then click on edit, and up at the very top of your page where you see all the boxes (elements) click on pages.

Once you have located the pages button and clicked this a list of your pages will appear. We will work directly from top to bottom, so your first page should be "home".

Now what you are looking for is the Advanced Settings Button. This will allow you to add a title, description, keywords, header code, and footer code. Now the header code and footer code should be left alone unless you know what these are used for typically it is more used for in weebly, setting a specific code that you want to show only on the header section or the footer section of that page which in easy terms means you should not be using this without the guidance of an experienced web developer. 

Go ahead and click "Advanced Settings" and Pull this up

Now we will also want our handy little SEO information available on what SEO really is. SEO is a fancy short term version of Search Engine Optimization now each web developer has their own means of explaining what SEO really is to a person and this is mine. Let us say you go to and type in a generic search for custom blog designs, now you can image there will be a lot of pages pop up; however, as your looking at this you should be questioning how the person at the top got there. SEO is what helps search engines like google find you, or yahoo, aol, bing, and so forth. Without proper SEO well the easiest way to put it your site will fail. If your SEO is not configured properly from the start the chances of you receiving even over 200 views a day is very slim. 

SEO is a way for you to not only increase your views but also increase your page ranking of which you really want both of them very high. You want to be found easily with search bots, and actual people. 

For weebly your SEO is configured on each page you have starting with your title and ending with the keywords you choose to describe the page. I want to highlight here that your description and keywords should match content on the specific page you are configuring with SEO.

Now as we item this section of our weebly site, we want to have another website open as this site is going to better help us know what is good, what is weak, and what really needs attention.

This site is going to be our friend during this process and will help us learn what we need to in order to add new pages to our weebly website. If you have a web developer it would be best to contact them before the change to where they can double check to make sure your SEO is properly configured. 

Now let us go ahead and start with the title. I will be using my home page as an example.

Title: Home
Now we have the Title- See not so difficult!

Description: "Using text on this page how can you describe this page?"   Your description should not be long at all. For example: My home page Description is... "Recent Work, Ashley Chapman Designs, Design Development, Design Philosophy"

Now when we add the description Save Settings & Publish Site.           Go over to the link above for the SEO Centro Web Marketing Resources page, add your home page link/web address, and add the 4 digit code then click submit.

This is going to allow us to see what our description ranks at which we want it to be as best as possible. As a web developer I shoot for nothing under 95% if it is I know it needs work still. 

What you will see:

Meta tags analysis.
Title:Title contains no errors.
This tag contains 29 characters.

Title relevancy to page content is excellent.
The Title relevancy to page content is 100%.

The rest will be in red so we are not going to look at anything but this right here. As you can see the Title clearly states it contains no errors -great. The relevancy to the page is at 100% -excellent!

Now don't get discouraged if it takes you a few tries but never just sit here for hours trying to figure this out. I would rather you comment here, or e-mail me from the be apart of design addiction to receive help in what you might not be doing correctly than sit here for hours racking your brain at this. 

Now we want to go on back to Weebly, Click on Pages, and go right back into the "Advanced Settings" of the page we have been working on.

Next we want to work on the Keywords, sometimes the most time consuming aspect, each keyword should be separated by a comma and there should not be a comma or period at the end. 

Keywords are going to be on your page you are adding this too. Meaning what text, do you have on this page already??? Use simple keywords like, bracelet, web design, custom, business cards, etc. 

My home page Keywords are: "recent work, Ashley Chapman Designs, customer satisfaction, design development, small business owners, companies, bloggers, individuals, design philosophy, portfolio"

If you notice at my website:   These keywords can be found on the Home Page. There is a reason for this everything from what you put on your website to your SEO are connected to function together. 

Now you go ahead and put in your specific keywords, save your settings, and publish your site. 

Now let's go on over to our great website link and check our site page again to see what percentage we get on the keywords. 

Keywords:Keywords meta tag contains no errors.
This tag contains 17 keywords and 166 characters.

Keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is excellent.
The keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is 100%.

Now we want to not have our keywords tag contains more than 21 keywords as this will be red instead of green if we do. Mine as you see has 17 keywords which is great. The relevancy to the page is 100% which is fabulous exactly what you want to see.

Now that my friends is how simple SEO adding can be to your weebly website. Never get to overwhelmed because believe me you can master this its time consuming but your the owner of your site you should know how to do this as well as simple things.

If you cannot get this figured out, need more explanation, or for me to take a quick look at what you could be doing wrong, E-mail me at: (Subject Line: SEO Help) it would only take me a few minutes to tell you what the problem is so you can fix it. Its easier to this then try to pull out your hair on this. 

Have a tutorial you would like us to cover? A suggestion for a tutorial? Would you like to be featured as an artist on here? Contact Us at: and let us know all about it. We reply to every personal message we receive that is not spam!


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