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Enter to Win $50.00 Off Design Service, 1/2 off Ad Space, & More


Enter to Win $50.00 Off Design Service, 1/2 off Ad Space, & More

Enter to Win $50.00 Off Design Service, 1/2 off Ad Space, & More
Today, we here at Ashley Chapman Designs Blog has decided we will take our followers to a new level with an awesome giveaway! Yes, that is correct we are going to give you something just for stopping in and signing up for your chance to win some amazing prices. So, what can you win you might ask? How does $50.00 Off any custom design service we offer (check out our list on our website at: 1/2 Off 1 more of Advertising Services, and a Full Blog Post from Us About You! You will have the most impact with this giveaway and its all as a thank you for helping us grow every single day.
We want to thank all of our fans and viewers for your kind words and for just stopping by to see us.
For this We at Ashley Chapman Designs says: Thank You!
Enter for your chance to win $50.00 off Custom Design Service, 1/2 off Ad Space on Our blog, and a Full Feature Blog Post From Us About You.
Winner will be selected at Random on June 15th and Notified same day via E-mail of winning and how to claim your prize. If winner does not reply to our message within 48 hours a New Winner will be chosen at random!

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14 Tips to Promoting Your Blog- Free Promoting Tips

Promote Your Blog

14 Tips to Promoting Your Blog- Free Promoting Tips
Are you interested in finding new ways to promote your blog or website for free? If so we have just the tips to help you market and promote your blog or website absolutely FREE. That is correct, your not paying anyone to promote your blogs. Why not stick around and see what awesome tips we have to share?  Blogging is a great way to increase income and a fun past time. It helps increase a business and get a story out there more. The one thing bloggers struggle with is viewed and promoting their blog. How is a person to promote their blog for free? Marketing can run into hundreds of dollars and fast. Many do not have that type of money to spend. Did you know there are free promotion tools out there to help? There are many options available to promote a blog or website for free online. Why not utilize these awesome tips and start increasing your views today?
Tip #1
Facebook! Post your blog post on Facebook. Add a short description and an image to optimal feedback. Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers there are many groups available. Make sure to share your post on Facebook and any Groups you are of that allow these posts. The goal with using Facebook is to get people to click over onto your blog post and read the entire story as well as Share the Facebook Post you created.
Tip #2
Twitter! Tweet your blog posts. Continue to tweet daily until you add a new blog post. The goal here is to get your followers to retweet or fav your tweets. This will help you increase the number of people that will view your tweet with the potential of viewing your blog. Make sure your link is within the first 10 to 15 words!
Tip #3
PinterestCreate a pin board specifically for all the posts you make on your blog. PIN with each post you create onto this blog each time you add new content. Try to always add new content with images that’s a way you can pin each post.
Tip #4
Linkedin. If you do not already have Linkedin you need to have an account. Share your blog posts on Linkedin you will receive views from there. The goal is to use Linkedin to be taken professionally and educationally.
Tip #5
Google +! Google Plus is a great way to get your blog post out into the general public and faster. Granted you have people following your circle. You should always post on Google + and share each post you create. This is a great easy way to get some views a going.
Tip #6
StumbleuponAnother great site that works similar to Pinterest allowing you to add a picture and some content as well as a link. Stumbleupon also generates a lot of views at one time.
Tip #7
Digg.Com A great way to get your posts submitted and added to a list. You then are able to climb to popularity by how many views you receive. Highly suggest trying this one.
Tip #8 Also allows you to post your content similar to Digg. Although they are very strict on how often you can post so read their rules.
Tip #9
Use E-mail! Send out a newsletter each week letting people see your new posts and what you have new to offer this week. You can also e-mail followers or people that request information each time you add a new post. Typically done using a subscribe button on your blog.
Tip #10
RSS Feeds! Make sure you burn your feeds and people have the chance to read them using an RSS feed. This does really help!
Tip #11
Comment on Relevant Blogs! Commenting will get you more traffic to your blog and help you promote the blog more often
Tip #12
Blog Hops! Join Blog Hops or Link Parties to get your link out there more often. This really does help a lot. I know as we do this very often.
Tip #13
Join a Blogging Community! Join Blogging Communities to help increase your potential readers.
Tip #14 Another awesome way to add more promotional tools at your fingertips.
Remember the most important aspect of blogging is to add content on a regular basis and to promote like crazy. You should be trying your best to add new content at least every other day. Promote every day with all of the methods discussed above. This will really help you increase how often you are found and read. The goal is to have a successful blog that others are looking forward to. Keep your blog alive by posting on a regular basis.
Do you have other ways of promoting your blog? If you do, why not share them by commenting below? We would love to hear from you as well.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Linking Parties and Adding Links

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Linking Parties and Adding Links

Today, I want to focus on getting your link out there for others to find you. Many times often than not you run into the problem of having little to no funds and needing a way to promote your site and increase SEO at the same time. First, let’s clarify what backlinks are it basically means you go to your blog post your own about something I have written and link it to me. Simply put! Honestly, there are companies out there that say they can increase your backlinks but guess what you just did folks? The worst possible thing you could do for your site once you hire a company to increase your backlinks. That’s right, worst mistake ever! Google frowns upon sites that have un-natural backlinks that is forced backlinks when you do not need to force them or spend hundreds of dollars for this. All you need to do is the steps I will be listing below.
When you think of blog hops, link parties, and comments you should be thinking of “how to get your link in there properly and naturally”. This is going to increase the places linking into your site in turn increase the views you receive, the revenue, and ultimately page ranks and SEO. Now I am definitely not saying go to every blog page and post your link because the owners of these blogs are going to get really mad for the spamming content but if you’re going to a blog from a blog hop let them  know you stopped by, how you found them, and offer a link to your site.
I, for one, love it when my followers leave me links to their sites because I am then able to go over and follow their site as well. But, be fair warned spamming is horrible and for those that moderate comments we do not allow them. If you post a link and run without an explanation of why you’re stopping by or how you found the blog or website people are not going to let that fly.
How can one increase the links without spending hundreds of dollars????
Let us Start with the Free Method and move into the less expensive method.
“Free Method”
  1. Blog Hops
  2. Link Parties-From bloggers
  3. Pinterest
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Social Media Outlets
Blog hops and Link Parties are great because these are free advertisments for you and your sites. You have got to love free.

Affordable “Paid Methods” are sometimes the best. I know I for one love them and they work great. Bloggers offer advertisements, where you are able to add your image, and your link for a certain dollar amount each month. These images in turn show up on their sidebars and I know when I re-start mine I am going to be offering them at the end of my posts if you purchase a specific package. Advertising is great and allows you to get more visitors because you’re known as Sponsors.

Many bloggers offer advertising for as little at $10 a month. Who the heck could pass that up? If you think about it, say you have a blogger that generates 20,000 plus visitors a month that is another 20,000 visitors potentially to your site as well. Who would not want that?

The point is to get your name and image out there as often as possible with as affordable ways as possible. If you have to spend hundreds of dollars a month for a service, honestly you’re paying way too much.
Do you have any methods that help you to link and increase your free advertising methods? If so, feel free to share everyone can always use helpful tips.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Etsy Featured Artists- Dell Cove Spice Company

Etsy Featured Artists- Dell Cove Spice Company
When people ask us how we started our family business, we point to the recession and the collapse of the newspaper journalism industry.
It was early 2010. I was a national correspondent and the Midwest Bureau Chief for the L.A. Times newspaper, writing under my professional byline (P.J. Huffstutter). The newspaper’s owner had filed for bankruptcy. My editors were closing my office and moving my job from the Midwest to Los Angeles.
David and I were newly married. We assumed that David would be able to find work fairly easily in California. We were wrong.
Months passed. We longed to be together. So we started to cook at the same time – but three time zones away from one another – and talk on the phone. Cooking became our date night, a way we could connect and share the stories of what happened during our day.  So for holidays and special occasions, we gave our loved ones edible luxuries of our own making. Hand-made infused sugars and salts, for baking cookies or sprinkling over popcorn. BBQ seasonings whipped up to make friends sweat. Homemade spice kits filled with ingredients discovered at tiny grocery stores or off-the-beaten-path farms.

A friend suggested we look into opening a shop on Etsy and sell some of our spice mixes. Maybe, she said, it could help offset the cost of our cross-country flights. It did that. And so much more. The shop has helped us reunite back in the Midwest, where the two of us create, mix and package our popcorn seasonings, BBQ spices and cocktail bar supplies.
In September of 2012, David quit his day job at an engineering firm – and now runs our online business full time. I’m a journalist – and I work with David in the evenings and weekends on our family business that has become a passion for us both.
Popcorn seasoning - flavored popcorn spice sampler - gourmet salts for your popped corn kernels - 8 tins in a gift box
1. What do you both find is the best part of working together as husband and wife?
It’s the ability to spend time together doing something we both love. David and I enjoy cooking – though he’s more the man with the grill, and I’m the woman with the sugar bowl.
It can be a challenge, running a business with your spouse. But we’ve learned that it’s best to each take the lead in different parts of running the shop. David takes the helm at all of our production. He’s far better at figuring out what we need to do in order to work efficiently. I tend to run our social media and figure out packaging and new products.
But truly the most fun we have is when we’re just playing around in the kitchen. There’s something relaxing – and kind of sexy – when you cook with your spouse.
BBQ spices - dry rubs, grilling seasonings - barbecue meat, fish, grilled fruit kabobs
2. Do you find that working together a positive side to your marriage?
Yes – and no. In the beginning, it was a challenge. David and I both have strong personalities. So figuring out who was in charge … *grin* … we locked horns a bit. But communication in any partnership is key, whether that’s in a marriage or in a business. And we figured out which areas where we could lead – and where we could let our spouse lead.
Cocktail sugar - pink red hearts drink rimming sugar - signature drink martini recipes included
3. When you started, did you know from experience how to create the food in your store? Or did you need classes?
Neither of us is formally trained, but I’ve worked in restaurant kitchens – and we’ve both grown up in families that cook. But we have taken some classes – and hope to continue our culinary education!
4. Is there a reason why you specifically chose Popcorn seasonings, BBQ rubs, and Cocktail rim sugars?
We just created foods we like to eat!
Wedding Cake flavored rim sugar - cocktail rimming sugar - pink colored sugar that makes your signature drink delicious - recipes included
We’re also in the process of opening up our own commercial prep kitchen and a small retail shop in Chicago!
The lessons we’ve learned along the way will carry us through our lives. Change is scary – and inevitable, so go ahead and give it a big hug. Ginger is good to soothe away stress. But sometimes, whiskey is better. Knife skills are important. So is knowing how to use a heat gun to shrink-wrap our spice tins. (Note to self: Keep practicing.)
We pack, wrap and ship all of our kits ourselves – and rely on the artistic eye of two amazing photographers (and friends) to help us tell our story.
*FATHER’S DAY: June 16th is Father’s Day – so please order by June 9th for delivery in time your Dad’s special day!*

Find this Amazing Couple and creators of Dell Cove Spice Company Outside of Etsy and this Blog: 
Etsy- Shop          Facebook-Fan Page         Twitter-Profile

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Etsy Featured Artists- Dell Cove Spice Company

Etsy Featured Artists- Dell Cove Spice Company

Etsy Featured Artists- Dell Cove Spice Company
When people ask us how we started our family business, we point to the recession and the collapse of the newspaper journalism industry.
It was early 2010. I was a national correspondent and the Midwest Bureau Chief for the L.A. Times newspaper, writing under my professional byline (P.J. Huffstutter). The newspaper’s owner had filed for bankruptcy. My editors were closing my office and moving my job from the Midwest to Los Angeles.
David and I were newly married. We assumed that David would be able to find work fairly easily in California. We were wrong.

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New Blog and Some Fun Facts

We have chosen to start a new blog on our website over at:   This blog is purely based on wordpress and we wanted to give you all a chance to see it there.

We have chosen wordpress as our main blog beause your views are not yours on blogger it is part of google so I can not keep track of how many of you are here, when people are here, or if you comment easily on here.

Wordpress is best for us.

Come on over start reading as I will begin tonight adding some awesome facts and great tutorials once again.

If anyone knows an awesome plugin for wordpress that gives you the same badge at google for people to follow please let me know I'm in search of one but as you know there are thousands available.

We look forward to seeing you over there.

Have a great week everyone!

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Apologizes my fans

I must apologize for not writing sooner. I have been unavoidably detained with a migraine so severe it sent me to the hospital. I will say I am much better and thankfully it was just one heck of a migraine.

I thought you should see a few things and a few places new where you can get up to date news and great stories. I would know, as I am one of the writers.

This is a story I feel all new mom's need to read or moms-to-be.

Breastfeeding too long may Increase Iron Deficiency

There are many other great stories there as well not by me, so please feel free to come on over to and check out the great news brought to you as quickly as possible.

Blog posts will start again next week. I want to give myself time to recoup and run errands.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Warmest Regards.

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10 Tips How to Use Pinterest for Business




Over the past few days, we have covered how to use Twitter and Facebook for Business purposes, as well as do’s and don’ts for these social media outlets. Today I would like to go into detail on how to use Pinterest for Business purposes. As we all know, social media outlets are becoming widely known in nearly every country around the world. People use social media outlets to update friends and family, share exciting news, or talk about something interesting to them. Pinterest is one of the most popular visual aid social media outlets showing a drastic year by year increase of users world wide. With a multitude of people using this awesome social media outlet it is only fitting that Businesses begin to use it as well to promote new brands, market, advertise, and more.

So, what do the statistics show for Pinterest?

Looking at the statistics for the United States approximately 83.9% of Pinterest users spend their time pinning pictures to their boards, 15.5% of users like other pins, and only 0.6% actually comment on pins. Although, comment percentages are very low, over 80% of the content shared on Pinterest is from re-pins that other users have placed on their boards. Now that percentage as a huge plus for anyone.

Did you know that women dominate Pinterest users? That’s right, women have the highest Pinterest user rate in the United States. That really is paving a new way for how women interact, socialize, and use social media outlets online.

The most interesting fact about Pinterest is that on average each user spends roughly a little over 1-hour a day on Pinterest. This is really a huge factor and can prove to be a wonderful asset for businesses on Pinterest.

I have to say this next statistics fact really has me blown away. Since May 2011 Pinterest has increased its unique visitors (those that actually interact on Pinterest) by 2,702.2%. This is honestly, a huge increase and above all the biggest increase for any social media outlet.

Did you know the statistics for Pinterest show that referrals spend 70% More Money than non-social media outlets? This is a major asset for all businesses on Pinterest and if your not you should be highly considering opening a Free Pinterest account today!

Statistics made possible by ViralBlog, Viral Ideas, Social Trends. To see more Pinterest Statistics Click Here! 


Now, let us discuss the top 10 Tips on How to use Pinterest for Business Purposes.


Tip #1

Setting Up Pinterest for Business. Pinterest has a setting for Businesses, where you can set up your Pinterest for a Business Account. You want to have your account set for a Business account. Also, if you have a website get it verified immediately. It will show your web address on your profile page. Great way to advertise for free. Make sure your account is set up correctly from the start. That will really help you out.


Tip #2

Set up your boards. Categorize your boards, have boards like, Web Design, Print Design, Blog Tutorials, Things I like. Yes, you can share things you personally like and do not be afraid to do this. It will show people what you like and help others get a sense of you! You want boards that will help break down your business and visually stimulate viewers more.


Tip #3

Make sure your account can be seen on search engines. Click on your settings, and make sure you do not have the visibility settings set to yes. When you sign up and go into your settings, scroll just a little bit down on the “Basic Settings” and find the one that states “Search Privacy” Make sure this is turned off, you want to be seen on Google, and more. Allow people to find you and your items fast.


Tip #4

Add a Link to Every Pin. Every time you add a new pin add a Link no matter what. A link helps people to know where the content is coming from, also who was the original provider of this content. it will also increase your stats because people will come and view the information from that link. If there is a price add the price and make sure your description is good. Never a boring this is such a cute little thing isn’t it. No make it interesting and vivid. Make your descriptions alive and thriving.


Tip #5

Use great images. Don’t just post the image you think its good, make sure its clear, colorful, and such. You want to make sure your pinning the most dynamic photo that will bring you views. Think outside the box when you pin items to Pinterest. Make it intriguing, colorful, livid, dynamic, something that everyone wants to see and will receive higher re-pins and such.


Tip #6

Adding SEO and Referral Traffic to your pins. Believe it or not everything from Facebook to Pinterest offers a way to enhance your SEO and ranking which in turn helps your business all the way around. Add categories, keywords, engaging captions (as discussed above) hash tags (see the Twitter tutorial for more on hash tags) and urls to pins and the about profile. This will better help your ranking and be found much faster. A better way of promoting your business.


Tip #7

Don’t just pin items for your business. This is a pretty big one, people will get sick of seeing things that are specifically just for you or your business. You want to show people that you have likes, loves, and favorites as well. This will better help show people what your personality is and what type of person you are.


Tip #8

Comment on posts that people re-pin or favorite. What this means, is if someone comments, likes, or re-pins one of your items thank them for the support. It let’s them know your thankful for the help of promoting and that you are here to discuss anything. If you have a business e-mail address add it to the comment so people can easily contact you if someone wants more information. I find that the more you show people you are here to help and you provide these specific items at (your web address) people appreciate you letting them know your thankful and in turn increase your views quickly.


Tip #9

One Pin Is Enough! There is no need to pin the the same item or same picture more than once. When I first began using Pinterest I honestly thought the best way to handle things was to post the same content every day sometimes more than once. Well as soon as I learned people become annoyed fast when you do this, I stopped. Guess what? Those pins I posted a month ago still receives the same amount of views as if I posted them yesterday. It doesn’t matter when you posted it just keep them there.


Tip #10

Keep your pins and boards accurate. If you have changed something with your business reflect that on your boards and same for your boards to your business. You want everything to reflect the same thing. Keep everything accurate and up to date. Spend at least an hour a day going through everything and keeping everything clear, accurate, and appropriate your views will increase.


A few extra aspects. To gain followers start following people in your area of specialties also find mini malls and such and try to join them to post more. Those mini malls will allow you to get more views and fans faster. You want to network the same as you would for Twitter or Facebook. Gain those views and it will really help a lot. Try to always keep things fresh, change it up here and there, post some things for your business then add in some things you like or re-pin some new purse that is really cute. Change it up and things will keep looking up for you.



For more information please follow the references below.


Pinterest Statistics

Upstart Business Journal 

Social Barrel


As we hope you have enjoyed another series of tutorials. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please feel free to share, like, comment, or send us a Hello. I promise we are all very friendly here.


Have a wonderful weekend all!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Top 10 Tips on How to Use Facebook for Business

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We have covered Twitter, and now our main focus needs to be Facebook. Everyone uses Facebook and it is fast growing, but how can a business utilize it for business purposes and become successful? A multitude of fan based pages pop up everyday, some for networking & advertising, others for companies and businesses online. The problem that many of these fan pages run into over time is no fan wants to interact or communicate on these pages. Having little to no interactions can cause some major down falls such as failure in business, shut down, unhappy clients, and many more.
Today we will discuss how to use Facebook as a means of improving your business. Here at Ashley Chapman Designs, we want you to all be successful and achieve your own goals. With the encouragement Ashley brings to do from posts on here helping you learn the aspects you need to, or highlight aspects you should never do. Enjoy the post!

Tip #1
Know when to post and what to post. Tip #1 is quite difficult because you need to be able to know when to post and what to post. When you create a Facebook post the point is to receive the maximum out of it especially when we are dealing with a business.

Statistics have stated that Posting on Facebook between the Hours of 8pm and 7 am have a 14% higher comment, like, and share ratio then posting at other times. Now given each country, and location varies in time changes you still want to try and hit these times. Additionally, statistics state that the highest interaction days are on Saturday & Sunday. (Well of course most people are off work and catching up with everything)
Lastly, the next highest day especially for sharing Blog content comes on a Thursday with a 10% higher interaction percentage than any other day.
What this means, is that when you share content on Facebook, you want people to like, share, comment, and overall interact with the post and the person who created the post. I will tell you that I personally post 24/7 no matter what time it is, yes I do see many changes for example: If I post something at 3am chances are my views for that specific post have dramatically declined compared to if I posted it around 7pm central time. Changing when you post alone will not get you fully ready for the big box seat but it will help.

Tip #2
Know what to post. Did you know posting something negative on your feed will dramatically change how your fans interact? It does, because believe it or not when we start talking negative on Facebook a few things happen, first we might hit someone’s nerves so they post a comment which may inadvertently trigger an argument. (very bad!) It basically taps into a person’s emotions when you post a negative post.
Positive posts receive higher interaction ratings, more feedback, comments, likes, and shares. overall better for business.
Posting with a picture will increase your chances of going viral and having comments, shares, likes, to even people that are not fan based. Why is this a good thing? Going viral means you really hit a lot of people with it, and the more people that know about what you do, can offer, etc. the better off you will be.

Tip #3
Over posting. Now this is quite a big one here. Over posting means you really post 5 to 15 times a day, if you do this STOP! Your hurting your business. Over posting gives you a bad image. How? It makes people think you have nothing better to do then sit on Facebook and post all day long. It shows people you would rather take up their newsfeed space trying to get a sale than post something once and leave it. If your like me, I share my blog posts on Facebook so my fan’s who have not subscribed to the blog can see this. Over posting is a way to give people the wrong image about your business and fast.

Tip #4
Don’t say the same thing twice. There is no sense in repeating yourself, or restating anything you previously posted because your fans have already seen it. This actually will drive people away from your Facebook Fan page and fast. If something you post is that important for example: Over the weekend I took my website down for some maintenance and re-coding, so I wanted people to expect this and not be taken off guard. Instead of posting all weekend long that our website was down for maintenance I posted one time and “pinned to top”. That awesome pin to top feature is amazing and really helps you keep the important stuff up top for fans to see.

Tip #5
Stop Tagging People. Now this may sound odd but one of the big no no’s of Facebook for Business. Do not tag people whether you know them or not. I’m not saying don’t tag a page if your thanking them for something, I’m saying simply don’t tag 20 people a day. Very bad for business and its getting you no where. What I am meaning by this is when you add a photo and people tag as many as they can right off the bat to try and make it go viral this is very bad for business and should not be done at any time.

Tip #6
Stop linking your other social media accounts to Facebook for auto posts. People do this all the time (heck I even did it once) it does nothing for you. This means if Twitter is connected to Facebook it will immediately send the same thing over to Facebook, and people do not like this. Actually, those stats I was talking about earlier, well there is a dramatic decrease in interactions when you do this. Why do it then?

Tip #7
Stop Liking your own posts. Okay this should be a no-brainer stop liking posts that your page makes. We already know you like it or you would not have shared it with us, why do you need to like the post as well? Honestly, you do not need to like the post. Actually this is really annoying and bugs me badly. One of my pet peeves if you will. This drives people crazy and trust me it gets you know where.

Tip #8
Don’t Just Don’t. This tip is going to cover a few extra’s here as I do not want to run past 10 tips on here. Don’t just don’t will cover what you should not be doing at all. Never suggest to your Fans to go like a page, or share a page, etc. Your asking makes you seem desperate and we know that being desperate is really not a good thing. Never add people to groups without their permission. Just because you think they will be interested does not mean they will be. Another pet peeve of mine is stop sending bulk messages. We do not all need to be in the same conversation. If you want to send a message send it one at a time. Nothing is ever that important.
Tip #9
Liking other pages. Liking other pages to network is great but if you can send that page a private message letting them know you were liking them and where they can like you back. Adding links to someone else’s page is not a good thing and should not be done. It’s kind of like a wedding how the Bride is to be the only one dressed in entire white, well your going to someone else’s page to like it don’t try sending their fans to you as well.

Tip #10
Grow your page fans. You need to network to grow your fan page. Networking means for Facebook simply, go like other people’s pages in a similar category as your own, go to shout and ladders pages play the games. As long as you receive likes its great. Check out Blog Hops there are people that do Facebook hops too on here. Any way you find networking helpful.

Be careful of Facebook Jail though! Facebook Jail basically means if you like too many pages, send too many messages you are banned from using these features for up to 2 days. Not great when your trying to network and get your name out there but they do it. Be care.

We hope that this post has better helped you to understand the do’s and don’ts of Facebook. Let’s get to networking and growing our Fan pages. Also a few extra tips, don’t use too many Facebook buttons, you really do not need them on everything, never poke people its annoying.

Now you can really go Facebook Crazy and Enhance your business! Best of Luck to you!