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14 Tips to Promoting Your Blog- Free Promoting Tips

Promote Your Blog

14 Tips to Promoting Your Blog- Free Promoting Tips
Are you interested in finding new ways to promote your blog or website for free? If so we have just the tips to help you market and promote your blog or website absolutely FREE. That is correct, your not paying anyone to promote your blogs. Why not stick around and see what awesome tips we have to share?  Blogging is a great way to increase income and a fun past time. It helps increase a business and get a story out there more. The one thing bloggers struggle with is viewed and promoting their blog. How is a person to promote their blog for free? Marketing can run into hundreds of dollars and fast. Many do not have that type of money to spend. Did you know there are free promotion tools out there to help? There are many options available to promote a blog or website for free online. Why not utilize these awesome tips and start increasing your views today?
Tip #1
Facebook! Post your blog post on Facebook. Add a short description and an image to optimal feedback. Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers there are many groups available. Make sure to share your post on Facebook and any Groups you are of that allow these posts. The goal with using Facebook is to get people to click over onto your blog post and read the entire story as well as Share the Facebook Post you created.
Tip #2
Twitter! Tweet your blog posts. Continue to tweet daily until you add a new blog post. The goal here is to get your followers to retweet or fav your tweets. This will help you increase the number of people that will view your tweet with the potential of viewing your blog. Make sure your link is within the first 10 to 15 words!
Tip #3
PinterestCreate a pin board specifically for all the posts you make on your blog. PIN with each post you create onto this blog each time you add new content. Try to always add new content with images that’s a way you can pin each post.
Tip #4
Linkedin. If you do not already have Linkedin you need to have an account. Share your blog posts on Linkedin you will receive views from there. The goal is to use Linkedin to be taken professionally and educationally.
Tip #5
Google +! Google Plus is a great way to get your blog post out into the general public and faster. Granted you have people following your circle. You should always post on Google + and share each post you create. This is a great easy way to get some views a going.
Tip #6
StumbleuponAnother great site that works similar to Pinterest allowing you to add a picture and some content as well as a link. Stumbleupon also generates a lot of views at one time.
Tip #7
Digg.Com A great way to get your posts submitted and added to a list. You then are able to climb to popularity by how many views you receive. Highly suggest trying this one.
Tip #8 Also allows you to post your content similar to Digg. Although they are very strict on how often you can post so read their rules.
Tip #9
Use E-mail! Send out a newsletter each week letting people see your new posts and what you have new to offer this week. You can also e-mail followers or people that request information each time you add a new post. Typically done using a subscribe button on your blog.
Tip #10
RSS Feeds! Make sure you burn your feeds and people have the chance to read them using an RSS feed. This does really help!
Tip #11
Comment on Relevant Blogs! Commenting will get you more traffic to your blog and help you promote the blog more often
Tip #12
Blog Hops! Join Blog Hops or Link Parties to get your link out there more often. This really does help a lot. I know as we do this very often.
Tip #13
Join a Blogging Community! Join Blogging Communities to help increase your potential readers.
Tip #14 Another awesome way to add more promotional tools at your fingertips.
Remember the most important aspect of blogging is to add content on a regular basis and to promote like crazy. You should be trying your best to add new content at least every other day. Promote every day with all of the methods discussed above. This will really help you increase how often you are found and read. The goal is to have a successful blog that others are looking forward to. Keep your blog alive by posting on a regular basis.
Do you have other ways of promoting your blog? If you do, why not share them by commenting below? We would love to hear from you as well.

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