Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Linking Parties and Adding Links

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Linking Parties and Adding Links

Today, I want to focus on getting your link out there for others to find you. Many times often than not you run into the problem of having little to no funds and needing a way to promote your site and increase SEO at the same time. First, let’s clarify what backlinks are it basically means you go to your blog post your own about something I have written and link it to me. Simply put! Honestly, there are companies out there that say they can increase your backlinks but guess what you just did folks? The worst possible thing you could do for your site once you hire a company to increase your backlinks. That’s right, worst mistake ever! Google frowns upon sites that have un-natural backlinks that is forced backlinks when you do not need to force them or spend hundreds of dollars for this. All you need to do is the steps I will be listing below.
When you think of blog hops, link parties, and comments you should be thinking of “how to get your link in there properly and naturally”. This is going to increase the places linking into your site in turn increase the views you receive, the revenue, and ultimately page ranks and SEO. Now I am definitely not saying go to every blog page and post your link because the owners of these blogs are going to get really mad for the spamming content but if you’re going to a blog from a blog hop let them  know you stopped by, how you found them, and offer a link to your site.
I, for one, love it when my followers leave me links to their sites because I am then able to go over and follow their site as well. But, be fair warned spamming is horrible and for those that moderate comments we do not allow them. If you post a link and run without an explanation of why you’re stopping by or how you found the blog or website people are not going to let that fly.
How can one increase the links without spending hundreds of dollars????
Let us Start with the Free Method and move into the less expensive method.
“Free Method”
  1. Blog Hops
  2. Link Parties-From bloggers
  3. Pinterest
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Social Media Outlets
Blog hops and Link Parties are great because these are free advertisments for you and your sites. You have got to love free.

Affordable “Paid Methods” are sometimes the best. I know I for one love them and they work great. Bloggers offer advertisements, where you are able to add your image, and your link for a certain dollar amount each month. These images in turn show up on their sidebars and I know when I re-start mine I am going to be offering them at the end of my posts if you purchase a specific package. Advertising is great and allows you to get more visitors because you’re known as Sponsors.

Many bloggers offer advertising for as little at $10 a month. Who the heck could pass that up? If you think about it, say you have a blogger that generates 20,000 plus visitors a month that is another 20,000 visitors potentially to your site as well. Who would not want that?

The point is to get your name and image out there as often as possible with as affordable ways as possible. If you have to spend hundreds of dollars a month for a service, honestly you’re paying way too much.
Do you have any methods that help you to link and increase your free advertising methods? If so, feel free to share everyone can always use helpful tips.

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