Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Top 10 Tips on How to Use Facebook for Business

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We have covered Twitter, and now our main focus needs to be Facebook. Everyone uses Facebook and it is fast growing, but how can a business utilize it for business purposes and become successful? A multitude of fan based pages pop up everyday, some for networking & advertising, others for companies and businesses online. The problem that many of these fan pages run into over time is no fan wants to interact or communicate on these pages. Having little to no interactions can cause some major down falls such as failure in business, shut down, unhappy clients, and many more.
Today we will discuss how to use Facebook as a means of improving your business. Here at Ashley Chapman Designs, we want you to all be successful and achieve your own goals. With the encouragement Ashley brings to do from posts on here helping you learn the aspects you need to, or highlight aspects you should never do. Enjoy the post!

Tip #1
Know when to post and what to post. Tip #1 is quite difficult because you need to be able to know when to post and what to post. When you create a Facebook post the point is to receive the maximum out of it especially when we are dealing with a business.

Statistics have stated that Posting on Facebook between the Hours of 8pm and 7 am have a 14% higher comment, like, and share ratio then posting at other times. Now given each country, and location varies in time changes you still want to try and hit these times. Additionally, statistics state that the highest interaction days are on Saturday & Sunday. (Well of course most people are off work and catching up with everything)
Lastly, the next highest day especially for sharing Blog content comes on a Thursday with a 10% higher interaction percentage than any other day.
What this means, is that when you share content on Facebook, you want people to like, share, comment, and overall interact with the post and the person who created the post. I will tell you that I personally post 24/7 no matter what time it is, yes I do see many changes for example: If I post something at 3am chances are my views for that specific post have dramatically declined compared to if I posted it around 7pm central time. Changing when you post alone will not get you fully ready for the big box seat but it will help.

Tip #2
Know what to post. Did you know posting something negative on your feed will dramatically change how your fans interact? It does, because believe it or not when we start talking negative on Facebook a few things happen, first we might hit someone’s nerves so they post a comment which may inadvertently trigger an argument. (very bad!) It basically taps into a person’s emotions when you post a negative post.
Positive posts receive higher interaction ratings, more feedback, comments, likes, and shares. overall better for business.
Posting with a picture will increase your chances of going viral and having comments, shares, likes, to even people that are not fan based. Why is this a good thing? Going viral means you really hit a lot of people with it, and the more people that know about what you do, can offer, etc. the better off you will be.

Tip #3
Over posting. Now this is quite a big one here. Over posting means you really post 5 to 15 times a day, if you do this STOP! Your hurting your business. Over posting gives you a bad image. How? It makes people think you have nothing better to do then sit on Facebook and post all day long. It shows people you would rather take up their newsfeed space trying to get a sale than post something once and leave it. If your like me, I share my blog posts on Facebook so my fan’s who have not subscribed to the blog can see this. Over posting is a way to give people the wrong image about your business and fast.

Tip #4
Don’t say the same thing twice. There is no sense in repeating yourself, or restating anything you previously posted because your fans have already seen it. This actually will drive people away from your Facebook Fan page and fast. If something you post is that important for example: Over the weekend I took my website down for some maintenance and re-coding, so I wanted people to expect this and not be taken off guard. Instead of posting all weekend long that our website was down for maintenance I posted one time and “pinned to top”. That awesome pin to top feature is amazing and really helps you keep the important stuff up top for fans to see.

Tip #5
Stop Tagging People. Now this may sound odd but one of the big no no’s of Facebook for Business. Do not tag people whether you know them or not. I’m not saying don’t tag a page if your thanking them for something, I’m saying simply don’t tag 20 people a day. Very bad for business and its getting you no where. What I am meaning by this is when you add a photo and people tag as many as they can right off the bat to try and make it go viral this is very bad for business and should not be done at any time.

Tip #6
Stop linking your other social media accounts to Facebook for auto posts. People do this all the time (heck I even did it once) it does nothing for you. This means if Twitter is connected to Facebook it will immediately send the same thing over to Facebook, and people do not like this. Actually, those stats I was talking about earlier, well there is a dramatic decrease in interactions when you do this. Why do it then?

Tip #7
Stop Liking your own posts. Okay this should be a no-brainer stop liking posts that your page makes. We already know you like it or you would not have shared it with us, why do you need to like the post as well? Honestly, you do not need to like the post. Actually this is really annoying and bugs me badly. One of my pet peeves if you will. This drives people crazy and trust me it gets you know where.

Tip #8
Don’t Just Don’t. This tip is going to cover a few extra’s here as I do not want to run past 10 tips on here. Don’t just don’t will cover what you should not be doing at all. Never suggest to your Fans to go like a page, or share a page, etc. Your asking makes you seem desperate and we know that being desperate is really not a good thing. Never add people to groups without their permission. Just because you think they will be interested does not mean they will be. Another pet peeve of mine is stop sending bulk messages. We do not all need to be in the same conversation. If you want to send a message send it one at a time. Nothing is ever that important.
Tip #9
Liking other pages. Liking other pages to network is great but if you can send that page a private message letting them know you were liking them and where they can like you back. Adding links to someone else’s page is not a good thing and should not be done. It’s kind of like a wedding how the Bride is to be the only one dressed in entire white, well your going to someone else’s page to like it don’t try sending their fans to you as well.

Tip #10
Grow your page fans. You need to network to grow your fan page. Networking means for Facebook simply, go like other people’s pages in a similar category as your own, go to shout and ladders pages play the games. As long as you receive likes its great. Check out Blog Hops there are people that do Facebook hops too on here. Any way you find networking helpful.

Be careful of Facebook Jail though! Facebook Jail basically means if you like too many pages, send too many messages you are banned from using these features for up to 2 days. Not great when your trying to network and get your name out there but they do it. Be care.

We hope that this post has better helped you to understand the do’s and don’ts of Facebook. Let’s get to networking and growing our Fan pages. Also a few extra tips, don’t use too many Facebook buttons, you really do not need them on everything, never poke people its annoying.

Now you can really go Facebook Crazy and Enhance your business! Best of Luck to you!


  1. Be careful when you are shopping on Facebook. Only buy clothes and accessories but never gadgets, cameras, or cellphones. I know someone who has been burned by this scam.

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