Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interview with Glen's Workshop

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1. Glen, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started making handcrafted pens?

 I have been a woodworker for many years having done much DIY work around my homes and handmade items for family members including cradles and high chairs for grandchildren, end grain cutting boards and other small household and kitchen items. In 2005 I purchased a handmade pen from a campground host in North Dakota which became my inspiration to become a pen turner. While preferring wood, I also make pens in acrylics and other materials. As a lover of wood my preference is for natural finishes but I will also be offering the more durable and high gloss finishes commonly found today.

Handmade Sienna Pen BlackTitanium Blanco Nero Tru-Stone

My handmade pens and other wood crafts are a continuing development of my being inspired by a handmade pen purchased from a retired Navy member while camping several years ago. I was moved to try making pens and offering them for others to enjoy.

A number of my Army brothers and sisters supported my efforts by purchasing nearly 100 pens during the final year of my retiree recall tour at Ft. Knox, KY. This permitted the learning of new skills and exploration of new products and techniques.

Handmade Cigar Twist Pen Blk Titanium, Cocobolo

2. Do you believe it was the craftsmanship of the first pen you purchased that caused you to want to learn? Or Where you drawn to learning because the person you purchased it was Retired Military?

It seemed like a route into turning that could be learned readily and I really like the walnut burl wood in that pen.

European Twist Pen in Titanium Gold and Green Acrylic

3.Can you run us through a basic on how you create a pen?

Select material (blank) and components (hardware). For some pens I create the pen through segmenting.
Size the blank to the components for length then drill through the center of the blank for the brass tube to be installed.
Drill the blank piece(s) for the tube.
Glue in the tube to the blank piece(s)
Square the ends of the blank to the brass tube.
Turn the blank to fit the component set getting to final dimensions via sanding.
Finish sand and apply the finish. I use either a hard water and oil based finish or a shellac based friction finish on wood blanks.
Synthetic blanks (acrylic, poly resin, tru stones, other) are wet sanded to a high gloss and then may be polished with a plastic polish.
Assemble the finished blank and the component pieces in to the final pen being careful to achieve correct alignment of blank grain or pattern.

Handmade 30 cal Bullet Pen gold, copper tip, Camo Crush

4. Do you find making pen's enjoyable?

Yes; it's usually rewarding but sometimes frustrating.

5. Anything else you would like to share?
Not sure how to approach this.

6. Any words of wisdom for someone that might want to start crafting?

If you have a passion for creating something, just do it!

Where to Find Glen's Workshop:

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