Friday, March 1, 2013

What websites are best for people with little or no experience?

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Perhaps you have been looking for a website for your business? A little curious as to what websites are better for beginners? Have no experience at all at websites but cannot afford to hire someone to help? What happens when financially you know you need to go to the next level with your business but cannot afford to hire a web designer even if they charge only $200 a website? 

I decided today that people needed to know what aspects are available to you when you are financially strapped and needing to make money. I can tell you this because I was there about a year ago. I started my business and needed or thought I needed to get a website. I knew some what how I wanted it to look but when I looked around it would have costed me a minimum of $500 and as much as $5,000. Now a days no one has that kind of money to spend on a website. A year ago I knew nothing about coding in HTML/CSS/ PHP, etc. I was lost and could not afford a person to code it for me. (Probably the same as you right now)

I want to highlight I do web design and I do not charge these outrageous prices to no one my quotes are free so feel free to e-mail me: (subject line: design addiction, custom website quote)

Where can I get a website for free? 
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Weebly is one I have personally used and isn't that bad. It is what I would call user friendly and great for beginners. They have roughly 20+templates ready made that you can use many of them you can change the color of. The content area works about the same as a blog does except you drop what you want in from up top and add, move, delete, change, etc.

The next free very very simple website is Wix.
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Wix starts you out with what business you have, you find that in their many categories, then you choose a template or start from scratch. Choosing a template already designed is faster and easier for a beginner. Then you just follow their steps, add your content and your done.

This post is to help those whom honestly do not have the money to afford a web designer. I do highly recommend not creating a website without the help of someone. I offer many custom package prices that is affordable for you using these sites to keep it free for your website hosting.

Contact me today for more details. E-mail:


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