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Advanced Search Engine Optimization

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               Yesterday, I went over the importance of Search Engine Optimization and how it can better help your web ranking with search engines such as google.com, yahoo.com, and more. Today, I am going to go further into how to get your site SEO ready and how to start increasing your views immediately. Now most of you will be able to do this on your own; however, if you need someone to help with this or do it for you please feel free to e-mail me and hire me for it. (E-mail: ashleychapmandesigns@aol.com) 

Let us begin working and increase your views within a short time frame. If you have not already read yesterday's post on Search Engine Optimization, Please do that Now then come back to this post. 

Is going to help us throughout this process. I will explain exactly what you are looking at and what you want to see. Please go ahead and pop up http://www.seocentro.com/tools/search-engines/metatag-analyzer.html

This website is known as a Meta Tag Analyzer what this means is that there are spiders (real name of it) that crawls your site each day we want to make sure these spiders can really find your site and easily. 

To begin:

Each website that is viewed by others will be put through the test here. Meaning, home page, about, etc. all web addresses will be used for your site. 

We will be using my website for comparison and understanding of what each term means. Once you learn this you should be able to duplicate it. 

First page we will look at is my home page. 

Link is: http://www.ashleychapmandesigns.com/   ( copy and put inside of the Meta Tag Analyzer please. ( or if you can follow along use your own)

Add the verification number and hit Submit.

Once you hit submit you will see something like this below:

color = Error   color = Warn   color = Good

Status:200 OK
Web Server:Apache
Content Type:text/html; charset=UTF-8
Content Length:24179

Meta tags report for: http://www.ashleychapmandesigns.com/
meta taglengthvalue
Title: 29Ashley Chapman Designs - Home
Description: 155Web Design, Custom Web Design, Blog Design, business cards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, wedding invitations, announcements, print design, online store,
Keywords: 255starting a business, custom web design, blog design, social media icons, custom blog design, banner, avatar, blog post feed, blog post, blogger, blogger design, blogger template, buttons, social media buttons, facebook buttons, web design, business cards,

Meta tags analysis.
Title:Title contains no errors.
This tag contains 29 characters.

Title relevancy to page content is excellent.
The Title relevancy to page content is 100%.

Description:Description meta tag contains no errors.
This tag contains 155 characters.

Description meta tag relevancy to page content is very good.
The Description meta tag relevancy to page content is 95%.

Keywords:Keywords meta tag contains no errors.
This tag contains 19 keywords and 255 characters.

Keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is good.
The keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is 79%.

Web page analysis.
The size of the web page.
The size of the web page is 24179 bytes.

The web page load time.
The web page load time is 2 seconds.

Let's go over this one by one and explain what you are looking at. 

You want everything to show green like this if it is red fix the area's it tells you to or that are red. Need help ask me!

1st: Title The title states what I have as the Home page Title nothing fancy there.  As you can see there are different boxes the one with the header that says Meta Tags Analysis, Title Shows no errors and contains 29 Characters. (GOOD). Relevance of Page Content is 100% this is what you want to see every time. Meaning your page and the title match perfectly.

2nd: Description: The description is where you set what is on your page, I must stress use words that are on your page not just anything that pops in your head. My home page description states I have 155 Characters with no errors. This is great. The meta tag relevance to page content is a 95% ( you want this number to be between 90 and 100%) 

To get your Description Meta Tag Relevance between 90 % and 100 % you must make sure to use words that are on your page in the content area use them as often as you can on the page. Do not make it sound like a robot but make sure you have words that are on your page 2 to 5 times and those words are put in the description 1 time a piece. 

3rd: Keywords: Keywords are what you will use to describe the content of your page (use words that are in the content) make these words strong and make sure they are found in the content area of the page. View the keywords I have take note of these and what is on my home page that will better explain what you are looking for with your own. 

It shows I have Keywords meta tag contains no errors.
This tag contains 19 keywords and 255 characters. This is really good. Now your percent may not always be 100% on this one or even past where mine is just make sure it is past 70% it will put you higher up. 

Keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is good.
The keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is 79%.

Again, we see the meta tag relevance to page content this is because everything you use for the SEO of your site has to be related to the content on your page. If the content is not related to your Title, Description, and Meta Keywords the likelihood of you being found through a search drops and let's face it we can not afford to loose out on views. 

If you need more help in this area, would like to hire me to set up your SEO Package on your website, or have more questions please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at: ashleychapmandesigns@aol.com Put Subject line as SEO Help from Design Addiction (please). 

Credit given to Teresa Delosh from Teresa's Country Treasures for helping with this blog post. 
Thank you for participating Teresa and helping out with this blog post. Much thanks. 

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