Monday, February 4, 2013

Facebook Posts Real or Fake???

A little midnight working and I ran across something that you all should learn about.

Have you ever been signed in to your facebook account just to find pictures of questionable nature??? May its a story about policy trying to capture a person? Business?  The all so popular, facebook is going to start charging share this if you want to remain free posts?

I know I have quiet a few time seen many of these and questioned many times if what I am looking at is real or fake??? Should I be worried? Confused? Sad? 

With the social media these days many things can be made up and people clearly fall for it on another hand these posts could be absolutely real.

So how do we know if a post on facebook is real or fake???? 

1) Go with your gut 

When your gut fails you turn to, facebook, real or fake, facebook posts, facebook content, questionable content, is this real?, is this real, how do you know what is real or not,

This site is amazing and helps to let you know what aspects of a story is true and is not. Go to the and type in what you want to know on the search bar be as specific as possible the more specific you are the better off you will get the results you need.

Don't fall for the first thing you see it may be completely false. 

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