Monday, February 4, 2013

What is Search Engine Optimization,SEO and How can I Rank Higher with Search Engines?

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Have you ever done a basic search on google and asked yourself how these pages get to the top of the list in searches? Or Have you questioned where your page might fall under these search engines?
        As a website owner and blog owner the one thing I find most people need help with is how to get their pages at the top of these listings or in other words at the top of people trying to find content on their site.

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is the brain for making your site visible to search engines such as,, and all search engine bases.
The content of your website or blog is what will drive search engines and help rank your page higher. Lower ratings mean you are at the end of the list on searches and you are missing out on a ton of viewers and potential clients.

 How to find out what your page ranking is quickly and easily?

There are a few quick and free sites that you can type in your home page address and it will quickly tell you where you stand. Do not freak out if yours ranks 0 many people rank this.
 This one is my all-time favorite because of how it breaks down your ranking.

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Improving your SEO and ranking will take some time unfortunately some of us do not have time on our side right? We need sales, or views, or want our messages to reach the most people as quickly as possible. So, how do we turn 1 week around quickly???

Look at your webpage or blog and ask yourself is this design simple? Does it offer a great look to viewers? If your not happy with it then the viewer probably is not happy with it. Do a poll? As your viewers how they like the design? 

Now let's jump into some fun stuff. 

Keep your content clean, clear, easily readable, and easily paraphrased. If someone cannot read what you wrote and explain it to someone else its not worth having on here. 

1) Set your site up with search engines. Go to this website and submit your Home Page or your blogs main page:

Be prepared for 20+ e-mails to flood in!

Verify all e-mails you receive from each search engine even if you have not heard of it.

2) Change any look or wording on your site you need to.

3) Make sure you have Meta Keywords added to your site. The Meta Keywords are ways for people to search and find your site. The more keywords you have the better off you will be.

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You want search engines to find you, keywords will help. Without search engines finding you, honestly your wasting time and energy because you want to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Remember it is all about how much attention you want to have and how far you want to go. Search Rankings higher will get you further. 

If you would like to read more about this here are some great articles. 

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