Sunday, February 3, 2013

Couture Services


Can you tell the viewers a little about yourself and what Couture Service is????

            I’m originally from the D.C. area, born and bred. I moved South twenty plus years ago. I have had the opportunity to work in the apparel industry, in several positions from sewing machine operator, to production engineer. My favorite title was “Sewing Specialist, but I was never more happy, than when I was at the machine. Sewing for me is both, a passion, and a natural ability. Couture Service specializes in: the design and production of fashionable high-quality custom-made turbans, fashion accessories, and crochet. Custom-made clothing is also available. 

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You have experience in sewing, can you tell us a little bit about how you began?
            My great aunt noticed my passion, and let me sit at her sewing machine at the age of 5. I took sewing in Jr. High School. You should have seen some of my projects. Looking back, they were a nightmare, but I was oh, so PROUD! My mom gave me my first sewing machine when I was 18, and I  have been on a spree ever since! I have my Mom to thank, I  have never been without a sewing machine, since that pink, straight stitch Atlas, she purchased for me. Mom is now long deceased.

            Believe it, or not, I am 3 years returning from a ten year hiatus. I had not touched a sewing machine in all that time! That is the good thing about a gift. No matter how long you are gone, it is always there waiting for you to return!

            As I mentioned before, I do have sewing experience. 30 years + experience from apparel industry as well as Couture Service. When you are looking for the experience behind the work Couture Service provides that.

How did Couture Service start?

I began Couture Service more than 30 years ago as a way to fulfill my passion and second nature. The name was not chosen until February 2010, when someone introduced me to Etsy, and suggested I sell my items on there. Couture Service is unique in that it offers a variety of services: Pattern making, pattern sizing, custom sewing, custom crochet, as well as ready to buy now items. 

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Do you have a favorite item or material? 

My favorite items to work with are crocheted lace as I find it to be very challenging, yet beautiful when finished. You have a wide range of ways to create lace from Clouce Caps to Shawls and Pull Over’s. Crocheted Lace gives you a wide range of opportunities as well as challenges.

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Anything else you would like to share with the viewers?

            Customers can request custom made items in a specific size, and/or color. We, in my announcements are: me, my imagination, my sewing machines, and YOUR input! Your suggestions are always welcome. 

You can find Couture Service on many websites the buttons below will allow you to click and be taken to websites where you can find Couture Service Immediately along with all of the wonderful items listed here and many more. 

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