Saturday, February 2, 2013

Diana's Designs


I am the owner of Diana's Designs and I create handcrafted jewelry and wall decor.

2) When my son was a year old I started decorating cakes. That got my wheels turning to do more creative projects like home renovation. when I found out that I was able to wear surgical steel seeing as how I'm allergic to most metals, I decided to gauge my ears up to wear belly rings since they are surgical steel. I did not like most of the belly rings though so I started designing my own. Everyone told me I needed to start selling my jewelry. 

3) I purchased some resin statues at garage sales and started hand painting them, however they were taking up too much time and were too heavy to ship. So I started to look into making wall decor instead and found that it would be more cost effective and easier to ship. I also purchased an airbrush to give them a really nice smooth blended look.

4) It's really hard to say where my inspiration comes from. I look at my beads etc. I choose or colors that I want to work with, and I put them in a mixed up pile and start piecing them together. After a few minutes a design comes to me and I go with it. Some times no design comes to me and I walk away. There have been times while sleeping I'll have a dream and wake up to go put the pieces together. I just go with what feels right and what I would like to see.

5) I was born and raised in Tonawanda  NY. I am married with two children who are now adults. I started the business because people were so impressed with my designs that they told me I really needed to start selling them. Since I lost my job just before Thanksgiving and my jewelry and wall decor was selling I decided to make it my full time job.

6) Trust your inside feelings. If you really enjoy doing something and your good at it then follow your heart and listen for that sign no matter how small of a sign it is telling you that you need to do it and go with it. That is what I call a miracle. He gives us miracles everyday, but we sometimes don't see the sign so we miss the miracle he's giving us. Miracles are not usually obvious or huge their just a little sign that if we pay attention to and follow then we make that miracle come true.

7) We all have something that we're good at. When you find your passion don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. We can do anything we set our minds out to do. With enough hard work anything is possible no matter what the odds are.

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