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Organizing Your Business!

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Recently, I have been thinking about organization and how to organize my business the way I need it. If your like me, organizing anything is a task within itself. Actually, it is more like a job that you should get paid for just because it takes so long to organize right? If your anything like me you want to have all your contacts where you can find then quickly and easily on your computer. Have all your business financial information in one place and heck if possible be ready for the tax season so everything takes you less time to get going. 

Each business need is unique in which no 2 businesses will have the same way of organizing. Below I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to organize your business and personally to save you loads of time. I typically do all of my organizing on a computer because its faster and easier for me to have it right at my fingertips when I'm speaking with prospects online.

I have a few tips and tricks for you on how to get fully organized both professionally and personally.

Tip #1

Find the Programs that work for you.

By this I mean, find programs that will help you get organized. 

For example: I use one program for contacts its a free download and I absolutely love it. For programs containing contacts click here

It does not have any viruses or any problems in using it. Very easy to use, add, change, edit, your contacts in a blink of an eye on the computer whether you have internet or not. 

Tip #2

Financially I have 2 different programs I use one is available online the other is a simple ole spreadsheet form. I keep track of them in both places just to make sure there are no errors anywhere .Though while doing my search on organizing and business fiancial aspects I ran across a site you should know about. Its called Outright. Outright is amazing and works very great. 

Outright allows you to connect your accounts such as Paypal, Etsy, Amazon, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, and much more. It allows you to keep track of money coming and coming out which is absolutely great for businesses online. Really its one of those sites that you cannot live without. Its absolutely amazing and works so much easier than spreadsheets do.

Tip $3

If your like me I have to create invoices from everything for web hosting, web design, print design, services, and so much more. Having a program that helps me with invoices and keeps them in a specific file, printable, pdf format, and more is very important. Easy Invoice Creator does all that. Downfall to this its only available for Windows 8 users. I find paypal invoices are a pain, hard to keep straight, and honestly they do not offer pdf formats or another format other than online. Now Each Invoice Creator is available for Windows 8 for $1.49 very expensive right there right? It does the job and then some. It allows you to mark a payment as late, great for Web Hosting as my clients need to know when their payments are due and if they become late. This program is honestly a lifesaver for me.

Tip #4

Use a computer calendar or apple app to create appointments, reminders, and such for all your appointments, phone calls, etc. This makes it so much easier to remember when you need to do something. I personally, use the calendar on my computer as its windows 8 and works wonderfully for those things. Then, I also back it up with my iPhone as many times I want a reminder of these.

Remember what works great for one may not work great for you. I do not like a desk cluttered or full of things that really do not need to be. I really do use a computer for everything because its simple, easy, and I'm typically on the computer working anyways so making small changes, or adding new contacts is not a problem.

Remember to cover the basics for your business:

1. Client List
2. Prospects
3. Businesses/ Companies you deal with
4. Invoices
5. Tracking your Income and Expenses
6. Keeping track of appointments

Now those are just the basics as add many as you need to this list. 

Don't forget to organize your computer as well:

Files such as these will help do that.

1. Business Income
2. Business Expenses
3. Invoices Sent
4. Invoices Received
5. Personal Fiances
6. Business Documents
7. Personal Documents
8. Payroll (if it applies)
9. Kids
10. Medial

Add as you need to. 

Bottom line here is, the more organized you are the better off your business will run smoothly with less hiccups from misplacing a file or contact. I know if you saw my computer you would think, "Okay then what is wrong with her, does she have OCD obulsive cleaning disorder or something?". All of my files are labeled, business files, business contacts, prospects, business income in, business income out, invoices in, invoices out, and so many others the list would just keep going on. 

You have to remember whether your running a business from home or at an office the point is this, if your unorganized chances are you have something under that pile of files on your desk that you really need, but totally forgot about.

Its like when we were children and our mom's would nag us for hours even weeks to keep our rooms and we continually refused because we did not want to. Then in the end it was down to the nail clean the room or be grounded. 99% of the time, when we cleaned our rooms we found a toy forgotten, a CD we forgot we had, or something that was like a new shiny toy to us. Same applies to your business life, if your not organized chances are your probably spending hours of work when it would take you 30 minutes for something. 

Ask yourself this question, "If I take today to clean my office space, how much time during the rest of the week can I free up to get down to some real business?"
Think of it as a bonus for you really. If your clean and organized your one going to feel much better, two- have more time on your hands, three- save yourself the headache of doing it when it get's ten feet high, four-be able to do more with the time you would have spent going through that stack of papers. 

To see more free downloads and softwares that will help you get organized click here.

What do you do to get organized???

Comment below! I want to hear from you all.

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