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Top 10 Tips on How to Use Twitter for Business

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Top 10 Tips for Twitter, how to Sale on Twitter, Engage Users, and be Successful with Twitter Marketing.

Just a few decades ago social media marketing and outlets where yet to make a forefront in our society. Today, social media outlets are tomorrow's future, bringing the world to your fingertips and making it much easier to get out there. People are evolving and adapting to the new world of modern internet and marketing skills like wildfire, but are you being left in the dust wondering what to do with your business?

If we call back even ten years ago, the online shopping was not really a big money maker for businesses like or Today, these companies thrive because online shopping is the new in store shopping. People no longer have to run to the store each week or take out of their busy schedule to find time to shop when needing to pick up the kids from school, husband at work, and work 8 to 12 hour days themselves. Everyone nearly everywhere can now buy everything from household items, toiletries, and even food directly online and many times save more when they do so. 

Now, small businesses go up daily online, as a web designer I see the demand for a new website more often for a store or e-commerce site than just for a simple information site. This is something that has become increasingly popular and from the way the statistics look the demand will only increase. The catch is, How Do We Get Small Businesses To Strive and Survive????

Easily, Social Media Outlets. Today we are going to focus ONLY on Twitter and How you can better your Twitter account and turn your followers into customers.

Let us being with tips and tricks that will get you rolling in the box seat rather than the back seat.

Tip #1

Appearance is 99% the Law. This means if your a business you need to be professional, conduct business as such, and your twitter background, header, and profile picture need to state this loud and clear. Think of it like this: If you have a meeting downtown with a set of corporate share holders for a company are you going to walk into this business with sweatpants and a tank top??? Chances are NO! You were raised better than that. You know this means a suit and tie for a man, or a dress suit for a woman. You know that appearance is what will help sale you. The Same applies for online marketing if your twitter layout is horrible so will be everything else. 

Tip #2

Conduct your tweets as professional not personal!  Basically, don't be talking about your personal viewpoints on politics, laws, etc. This will not look good for your business. Do not talk about what you did that day UNLESS its business related. Do Not sit there talking about a vacation your and your family have planned to go on. Simply talk business. Let people know what is going on with your business. Business is Business, Personal is Personal. If you had to go into an office would your boss allow you to talk about your personal life all day every day? No! Social Media Outlets are not for this.

Tip #3

Commit yourself to it. Don't open a twitter account without the commitment of showing up to tweet and talk with people that are talking to you or about your business. Set aside at least 2 hours a day every day week to be on twitter. Let your followers know what time you will be on twitter to answer questions, reply to tweets immediately, chat with them, give out more information, and more. Make certain you are live on every single social media site every day that you use. If you do not, your not going to engage users, your not going to gain customers, and you are really going to give yourself a bad name and fast.

Tip #4

Conversations are the key! Never open a twitter account without first understanding you need to keep conversations rolling. This means, someone follows you thank them personally! Tell them who you are, introduce yourself, start up a conversation, or anything. Its just like if you meet someone in town, you typically say, Hi my name is(your name), and start a conversation immediately with them. Well the same is true for online, no conversations means no customers and no one wanting to know about you.

Tip #5

Positive tweets go a long way! Your followers do not want to hear about the downfalls or the hard times you are having, whether with your business or not. Actually, you should NEVER state something like this on social media outlet because chances are you will never be able to take it back. Talk about something positive, something that you accomplished today, Did you figure out something very difficult? Did you hit a milestone in your business? Did you create something awesome today? Don't try to be funny and post crazy jokes or something, be YOU because being you is what people will love not someone fake or someone acting like someone else. 

Tip #6

Add something different to the mix! Did you do something funny while working today? Basically what this means is switch it up just every so often. Make a different post, talk about something different, a page you ran across and you thought it was awesome, something that happened to you today, but Don't Go Copying jokes because people know it. Keep it original and 100% you every time.

Tip #7

Follow people in your niche. This means if your a web designer follow people on twitter that are similar. Jewelry, find people that are the same, handcrafted, well find people from Etsy and follow them. Following them helps you increase your followers as well. As long as these people realize that following others is a great way to reach a higher audience a big plus side to marketing online.

Tip #8

Now the trends for the day! This is perhaps a huge aspect for you to consider. If you do not know what is "hot" "new" in the news, etc. well your never going to hit it big that day. Now what this means is find something that is trending for the day that relates to your post or something your going to post put an @ and the trend name to it, like @webdesign  and so forth this will help you get seen by huge numbers. Learning more on trends is as simple as going on twitter and clicking the Discover button. Then add these trends to your post, BUT make sure they match what you are talking about.

Tip #9

Effective Links must be in first 25% of content. What this means is if you have 50 words on your tweet within the first 12 words your link should be added. Why? The easiest way of putting it the longer you keep waiting to add that link the less likely people will click over and see what you have to say. I know difficult but, it will benefit you down the road. Why not give it a try? What do you have to loose? 

Tip #10

Use Hashtags on every single tweet you put on Twitter. Okay, now this is a tough one many people really do not understand hashtags or what they are for so I am going to try and break them down for you in a way you can fully understand what hashtags are and how to use them properly.

Hash tags are opened with the numbers symbol # and then all information is put in one long format like #blogchat or #blogger #webdesign, etc. These hashtags are used to make it easier on other twitters to find something they are looking for in these area's and faster. Hashtags work best if you use one's that are trending or popular for that day. To know which hashtags are trending just sign in to your account and scroll down a bit its to the left hand side under Trends not hard to miss. 

NEVER use a hashtag that does not in some way link to that tag you used. Like I know many including myself at first made the mistake of thinking well if I use the hashtag #Celeb I will get found faster and easier. WRONG! Your not doing yourself any favors because the post is not related to the subject in question.

New one I just learned myself. Don't Use more Than 2 Hashtags in 1 Tweet. If you do you are spamming the content which is basically meaning your going to have a more difficult time at being found.

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  1. Some still don't appreciate the power of micro-blogging sites. If used correctly, this can offer your business a lot of opportunities.

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