Saturday, February 9, 2013

Etsy as a Seller. Part 2

Yesterday, I went over how to successfully list an item on Etsy and what each step you should take in the listing part. 

What if you want more? Need More? Than just a place to sell? What about networking? Friends? So forth. Etsy actually offers a wide variety of great aspects you just have to look in the right places. So let's go over a few of these great aspects.

Once you log in to your Etsy account you should be able to see a line of aspects at the top including: 

  • Sell
  • Community
  • Blogs
  • Mobile
  • Gift Cards

Now if you were to hover your mouse over Community you would also see Events, Teams, Forums, etc.

Teams now this is one big aspect I want to take a moment to talk about. 

Teams are formed to help you get there in your business. From business topics to promoting your items. I for one, personally use teams and am a captain of 2 teams. Promoting your Friends and Crazy About Crochet. Why? There is a whole world on Etsy many do not know about. These teams can get you further and help you when you need it.

What are Forums? Forums are there to help you learn great aspects of business from sales to wholesale, the difference between wholesale and resale, how to price your items, to regular business topics. 

I highly recommend you check out both the Teams and Forums join as many as you want they are not limited. 

Etsy even has blogs a great aspect to use as well. Post on there, help yourself out, but be friendly when doing so. 

Always remember every website typically has more to offer than the first so be sure to always check around every site don't be afraid to click the wrong button be afraid to not click a button.

If you have an idea for a post please feel free to contact me or comment below. I love keeping this blog fresh and will do everything I can to bring you what you need or want. 

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