Monday, February 11, 2013

How Social Media Sites Can Help Your Business

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Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to write about How Social Media Sites Can Help Your Business out and why it can help you out in business. I bet you never thought that facebook or twitter could help increase your business. Well today I want to share a few great sites and how they can better help you out and save you loads of time. After all social media sites are there to help you reach more people why wouldn't you want to do the same for your business?

First off here's the secret to anything: Stop selling everyone what you have. Your probably thinking are you crazy? I want sales! Yes you do and so do I, but when you talk about sales or want to buy this people get turned off very fast. Its great to inform people of sales or discounts but don't do this a hundred times over. Its not worth it to your business. 

So what do I want to do if I' m not trying to sell? Network grow that network! What do I mean? The more fans, followers, etc. the better off your words will be reached by hundreds of thousands. Why Should you Care? Because if your talking about things people want to hear about the more likely they will come back and keep reading. Okay and? Well reading can turn into talking that can turn into a sale. Never try to make someone feel like they must buy from you or its the end of the world. 

Give people the facts! Don't sugar coat it or lie people will find out then you have a bad reputation. Tell the truth and be yourself. Don't act like a rock star or a super model because that's fake and any person can tell your fake even online.

All of these sites I state below are great for 2 reasons Networking & Views. Something everyone should keep in mind. But your ONLY after Networking!

First let us start with the all so famous Facebook Social Media Site

As a business you definitely want a facebook business page if you do not have one it is free to create this page. Make sure you do because that in itself will help you out. Now you want to make sure you drive likes to your page because likes will help you reach more people every day. After all the more people you can reach the better your business can be. 

How can Facebook Help My Business? Did you realize that there are millions of potential customers on Facebook? If not, know you do. Those millions of potentials need to be turned into reality. Set up a separate account so friends stay in one place and business avenues in another. Never try to mix the 2!

Don't post 24/7 people hate that! We want to hear the interesting parts like, who you are personally, where your from, why should we trust you, why should we buy from you? When you answer these in short sentences and help people to know you your chances of going further increases.

Now Twitter oh how we should love twitter. 

Twitter not only allows you to reach more people but your impact can be major unlike facebook. Remember what you put on there should be about your business and why people should trust you. If no one trusts you then your not driving potential clients your business. 

The BIG ONE! Use (Free service) There are 2 out there one you pay for one is free. This service allows you to schedule Facebook Posts, Twitter Updates, Linkedin, and more (except for Pinterest). If your looking to drive people schedule them often but not every hour no one wants to see the same post every hour its very boring and blows peoples feeds up like crazy.

Now on to some other sites that will help.


Another great social media site similar to pinterest but your going to stick your items. Stick away but don't stick the same item more than once if you do clean house. Its simple really. Keep things organized, neat, and clutter free. The more clean your boards are the better off people will view your items.

Why Use RebelMouse??? The answer is simple you can receive thousands of views a month from this site just people you stuck your items there. GREAT RIGHT? Believe me you can, because I do you just have to work for it. is okay but your really not going to get a lot of views with them. another great site to use. 

Very similar to Twitter. Set your site and go crazy. You will get a couple hundred views from it to. But remember its not views your really after its networking.

Linkedin is great for networking as well. 

Use this to connect with collegues to increase your network. Remember networking is great.

You can also try Cup of Coffee Network although its not as known as facebook or any of the others it does seem to help a small amount.

Do you have any sites you would like to recommend??? If so please Comment so others know what is out there. 

As always thank you for stopping in for today's new tutorial/how to and learning more to help your business. 

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