Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Should I Put on My Website???

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You have decided to get yourself a website? Congratulations to you! Now your stuck on what important aspects should be put on your website. How do you determine the most important parts of a website? What facts need to be on the website and what should be left off? 

Starting a website can be a daunting task no matter who you are or how much experience you have because there is so much a person needs to put on one website to make it engaging. Today I am going to share the most important aspects a person should aim for. I will be assuming you are here to sell on a website in which I will be focusing on the main aspects one needs to accomplish this.

1. Home Page
Introduce your Business, show what you do (slideshow, few pictures, slider, etc.)
Make sure you have verifications of your payment methods (i.e. paypal verification logo, etc.)
Explain why your the best and not someone else.
Make it user friendly and engaging. Show the person viewing your site for the first time that your the right person for the job.

2. About Page
The about page should not be boring little facts about you lived for years without money and now I make bunches (its not that type of about page). Make it interesting but NEVER LIE. Tell them who you are as an owner and person. Where you are located. Do you have hours of operation or chat hours? State those. How can a Person Reach you? Do not just talk about yourself this is a business here.  When did your business open? Why did you open then? Any special or significant information about the business viewers might want to know?

3. Store Policies
What are your Store Policies? What Payment Method do you Offer? Paypal? Credit Card? Debit Card? Check? Money Order? So forth. What is your Return Policy? Your Shipping Procedure? How long does it typically take you before you ship an item that is sold? 
How can a person reach you if they are having difficulties Paying for an item at checkout? 

4. Services
List your Services and break them down as far as you can break them down. The more you explain what you do and how you do it the better off you will be.

5. Contact Page
How does a Person Contact You??? Do you have a Contact Form or some way for a person to easily get in touch with you? If not you need to. 

6. Store
Make sure your Store Policies are Always accessible no matter where a person is on your website. Next list your items typically lower price to higher priced items or categorize them in some form that helps your viewers out. Never just throw an item on a store.  Include Like buttons, share buttons, and more. Allow viewers to let others know they like your items. 

7. What to Not Put On Your Site.

No one wants to know what you did over the weekend, or how much money you are making. This will turn a potential customer and have them running for the hills. Viewers do not want to know if this is the prettest thing they have ever saw, or the fanciest, as you can tell know one wants to read words like this. Is it marvelous? Gorgeous? Outstanding? 

Make your content clean, clear, and easy to read. Never use wild fonts or crazy colors we don't want to see this. 

Another important note if your going to sell you either need an 800 number or a chat box where clients can get you quickly and easily. The Chat Box can be used for free depending on which type you want and how you want to interact with viewers. 

Always use information that can be verified or ways of allowing people to know you are real and that you are a business. 

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