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What is Spam?

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Briefly, Spam Content is one thing no business wants to have problems with because it can lower your ratings, give you a bad reputation, and drop your sales by over 50% just from one Spam. Language does not take precedence with spam it knows no barriers. You can think of Spam as your E-mail folder labeled Spam, typically when we see there are e-mails in this folder we hit the delete button because we do not want the trouble of what is inside the folder.
I would like to say before we jump into the main content of this, that this post is not designed to scare you or prevent you from helping yourself, but devised to help increase your views and sales by understanding what you should not be doing.

Did you know there are 2 types of Spam??? E-Mail Spam and Web Spam. Both of which I will be covering in this tutorial and offering clear facts with the original content link provided. First let’s cover E-mail Spam the most common spam in the world.
70 to 80% of content that enters online or e-mail is known as Spam Content. That is a major number for anyone to see. (information provided by:

The content that sends an E-mail to the Spam folder varies but the main reason for the spam folder is advertising done improperly. When you use MailChimp or send Bulk E-mails you are putting yourself at risk of spam content. Why? Needless to say, unless you write out personal messages to every single person you want to send an e-mail to you are at a higher risk for spam content. When you ask the person reading your e-mail to “Click here” you are increasing your risk of Spam.

How do I decrease my chances of sending spam e-mails??? Simply put, never send bulk e-mails to anyone. Send individual e-mails and type them out differently than the first e-mail you sent. NEVER send a E-mail that say’s Click here for more details or Click here Now, or anything that remotely has Click here.

Although sending bulk E-mails saves you a lot of time it really can hurt your business, reputation, and sales invoices because your being labeled as Spam.

Next, Web Spam what is it? Web Spam occurs online such as websites, blogs, etc. There are a few different reasons for web spam. One is when a webmaster tricks the search engine robots into bringing in more traffic to a website. This although a great idea for bringing in traffic really causes spam fast. Another way Web Spam can cause you problems is if you are constantly posting links in blogs, forums, Posts, etc. Saying Click here for more information, or go here, etc. All of this is very bad. Of course your thinking, but I do this all the time how am I supposed to keep getting results? Simple stop using keywords that search engine robots deem spam. When you redirect someone to another site the search engine robots are immediately redirected which causes the problem of Web Spam.
Watch how you put something on a forum, post, Website, or Blog. Make sure you use keywords that help you not hurt you.
Now the most important part of information: Spamming is a law. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. It is a violation of the law to spam content and the offense can be a fine. (SCARY!) The cold hard truth is that some web content is not safe even for adults and we as business owners must be a step ahead and learn as much as we can.  For more information and clarification on this act (

Spam Filters are what causes Spam content. The Resources provided directly above gives you a run down on this but I will post a few too.
These are just a few key points pointed out in the resource address I provided above.
Talking about a lot of money
A breakthrough
Money Back Guarantee

There is even a common mistakes list some of which are:

Using phrases like “Click here!”
Using too many exclamation points or all Caps. (Did you know All Caps means your screaming at someone?)
Coloring fonts in red or green is bad too.

 Please feel free to visit the resources provided for more information on this information or for more clarification. Thank's for being here today!


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