Friday, February 8, 2013

Etsy as a Seller Part 1.

Etsy as a Seller!

I was requested by a friend of mine to post this to help out with new comers to Etsy or those that have been there for awhile but never had the chance to look around. This post will be covered in a 2 or 3 part post. First part featured here. 

Whether your new or old to Etsy some may be questioning what is it? What should I do to optimize my views? What should I do to help myself? How do I navigate? 

Etsy so what is it? In a nut shell, a place to sell handmade and vintage items to buyers from around the world. 

The important aspects you need to know to start selling on Etsy:

1. What type of items do you want on your shop?
2. What payment method do you want, Direct Checkout (goes to your bank account) or Paypal?
3. Are you able to conduct business in other languages? 

Now once you have these basics answered it comes down to some major understanding. First, how to list items to help you reach more people. Let's look at this.

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Now there is a tiny bit not shown of which is did you make this item you are listing? Is it made to order? What category does it fall under? 

Make sure you get this accurate from the start.

Now this section you are looking at: Variations? Does this item come in different sizes, colors, etc?

If so put it there. 

Title: Explain your item in less than 25 words. 

What is it? Similar to one of mine: "custom blog design multitude of options"

1st State: What it is
2nd: How did you make it
3rd: Is there a reason why you made it like this?
4th: Care Instructions
5th: Anything extra you think a buyer might want to know.

Shop Sections: Categories for your items you are selling. Categorize properly.

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Now this section is very important as it will either help your views or hurt them.

First I typically leave the Recipient portion blank no need for that unless you necessarily want to target only certain people, children, women, men, etc.

Occasion, now you only need to use this if your doing something for wedding, party, etc. Make sure the item you are listing is only for this specific occasion if not leave it blank.

Style: Basically allows you to break down what style it is, country western, etc.

The next portion is very important: 

Tags: In a nut shell how can you describe your item very easy and shortly, this will give you more views if done correctly. It is very similar to a post I did about Meta Keywords for SEO. 

Take a look at these Keywords: 


These are ways that if a person types in Etsy's Search Bar will help bring them to me. 

Great right. Jump on in and start your first store or enhance the store you already have. 

This will cover the adding a new item to your shop and next I will cover the extra features of Etsy and how it will be help you.


  1. Your very welcome Rachael. The point of these posts is to help people that are new or have no time to look around. Time is not always on everyone's side so I plan to try and help.